CoolSculpting Santa Monica

Fat Reduction Treatment in Santa Monica

Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke are a surgical team whose expertise in weight reduction is well-regarded in the Santa Monica, Bel Air, Los Angeles, and Brentwood areas. Their successes have consistently been defined by their CoolSculpting treatments.

CoolSculpting removes persistent layers of fat by utilizing a method that will extract the fat without damaging the skin. An examination is performed to determine which area of the body requires the most attention.

Once the area has been defined, the CoolSculpting device is placed over the skin and draws out the extra fat tissue. The device utilizes a cooling system that will freeze the fat cells.

This will cause the cells to dissolve, which will decrease the amount of fat on the treated area. Any pulled skin tissue is immediately cooled to limit irritation or pain.

CoolSculpting does not require a lengthy recovery time – as soon as the treatment is over you can immediately resume your routine activities. In just a week after a CoolSculpting treatment, you can see visible results.

For the following two to four months after the treatment, your body will continue breaking down fat cells, which will further improve the shape of your body. Our expertise in CoolSculpting can deliver the results that will dramatically change the way you feel about your body!

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