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Fat Reduction Treatment

If you’re looking for an innovative method to reduce fat, then CoolSculpting may be the solution. CoolSculpting is a recent development in dermatology and is proven to be effective in reducing persistent lumps, bumps, and bulges.

It will remove even the most stubborn protuberances affecting the body.* The CoolSculpting procedure first involves designating the area of the body to be treated.

CoolSculpting is a process comparable to freeze fat treatments. They involve freezing fat cells through cooling plates. It is a treatment approved by the FDA and the body eventually absorbs the dead fat cells.

CoolSculpting Los Angeles

To begin the process, a device is positioned over the designated area and draws the protuberance between two cooling panes. The tissue is pulled in a firm manner to allow it to be cooled immediately and efficiently.

The procedure is non-invasive, so you can perform your regular activities immediately after treatment.* While some minor redness or numbness might affect the treated area, these are only temporary.

Results are visible as quickly as a week after the initial treatment. For the next 2-4 months, your body will be flushing out fat cells so you can experience dramatic results thereafter.*

There are no additional supplements required for this treatment. With a regularly maintained weight and diet, you should have an improved and stable body shape that will last for years.*