CoolSculpting Hollywood
CoolSculpting Hollywood

Fat Reduction Treatment in Hollywood

Even with the most dedicated weight loss routine, small amounts of fat can remain stubbornly resistant to removal. Beverly Hills plastic surgeons Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke present an alternative route to reshaping your figure.

Through our expertise in CoolSculpting, you can experience a weight reduction treatment that treats persistent fat and adds a comfortable touch of beauty to your body. CoolSculpting is an advanced procedure that was recently developed to treat persistent layers of fat, lumps, bulges, and bumps on the body.

The treatment is prepared with an examination of the body to determine the location of the fat. After the area has been located, a device is placed over it and draws out the extra fat tissue.

The device freezes the fat cells until they begin to dissipate. This process results in a reduction of the amount of fat surrounding the affected area.

The tissue is pulled from the machine and is cooled to minimize any distress to the skin. The recovery period after the treatment is small, which means you can continue your daily physical activities.

CoolSculpting introduces visible results as early as a week after the treatment. The body continues to remove fat cells for the following two to four months.

With no additional supplements required, CoolSculpting can deliver a reshaped figure that will last for a number of years!